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Lutra Sim-Plant

  • Completion date: December 2018

  • Track record: The project was completed on time and to budget. The Sim-Plant is currently used as a part of the NZQA Level 4 qualifications assessment provided by Connexis.


AFI created a suite of water treatment and wastewater treatment Plant SCADA simulators to be used as assessment tools for students completing NZQA Level 4 SCADA water operations training and competency assessment testing. The simulators present a set of problematic plant operation scenarios that the users must correctly diagnose and select the necessary corrective action.

Sessions can be purchased and booked via the Sim-Plant marketplace website.

Services provided
  • Design and creation of the simulator architecture and logic engine within the Aveva System Platform software.
  • Design and development of all SCADA-based user interaction graphics and interfaces.
  • Collaborative system design and implementation with Lutra process engineers, website development software engineer, and IT infrastructure provider.
Product description
  • ArchestrA / System Platform SCADA.
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Four treatment plant simulators; two for water, two for wastewater
  • Over 80 training scenarios.