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Lower North Island Quarry SCADA

  • Completion date: February 2020

  • Track record: Excellent – SCADA provided vital access to Sandplant controls. Project completed within budget and accommodated additional requests from site personnel.


After the upgrade of the sand plant control system, also undertaken by AFI, the next step was to build and commission a site SCADA platform to provide visibility of plant devices and process. This project was broken into three key steps:

  1. Building a full site point-to-point 5GHz network to allow access to all PLC devices and commissioning long range Wi-Fi access points.
  2. Supplying PC and networking hardware, designing SCADA graphics to represent the plant, commissioning, and operator training.
  3. Later upgrades included using FactoryTalk Viewpoint to give operators SCADA access via the web on Wi-Fi connected tablets.
Services provided
  • Collaborate with on-site engineers and contract electricians to interface existing Control Logix PLC.
  • Design networking infrastructure for site-wide point-to-point network functionality with additional long range Wi-Fi access for SCADA access via tablet.
  • Design of SCADA graphics to interface with sand plant PLC
  • FAT / SAT / Commissioning / On-site and Remote Support
Product description
  • FactoryTalk View SE Local Station including:
    • HMI Graphics
    • FactoryTalk Directory
    • FactoryTalk ViewPoint
    • FactoryTalk Linx
    • Remote Desktop Access
  • Ubiquiti 5GHz Networking Hardware
  • Mikrotik 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi Network Hardware
  • Mikrotik Routers/Switches