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Our mission is to provide our clients with sophisticated, comprehensive, and robust automation solutions that are easy to understand, easy to use, easy to modify, and are easy on the eyes.

Our services

Whether you require an entirely new control system or just a simple modification to an existing control system, we can meet your needs. If you have an existing industrial control system that you wish to modify, expand, enhance, or future-proof, we have experience with almost all common industrial PLC makes and models. We are Alliance Integration Partners for Schneider Electric, and we have also been selected as the preferred System Integrator for ABB in the Greater Wellington region. For a list of products that we have experience with, please view the Products and software capabilities section below.

Our services include:

  • Process and control system consultation.
  • Control system design.
  • PLC programming.
  • SCADA and HMI design and programming.
  • Automated electrical system design and implementation.
  • Instrumentation and telemetry systems.
  • Industrial communications systems.
  • Project management.
  • 24/7 callout support in the Greater Wellington region.

We will provide you with a professional product that will:

  • meet your specifications,
  • be easily upgraded and expanded,
  • be user-friendly to ensure others can understand and modify it at a later date, and
  • be supported with comprehensive documentation.

The importance of interface design in an industrial environment may not be immediately obvious, but good user interface design is about clear communication. We will make your control systems as intuitive and easy to use as possible, reducing the time it takes to learn how to use them, and enhancing the safety of your staff. Applying consideration to the usability of our products is an important part of the service we provide.

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Products and software capabilities

The following table contains a list of the products that we have experience with. This list is not exhaustive, and we will readily provide service to any make and model of automation product.


  • Unity Pro, Concept, PL7 V1-V4, Twido, Zelio, Advantys, ProWorx32
  • Citect
  • Vijeo Designer

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Software

  • RSLinx, RSLogix5, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000
  • RSNetworx (ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet)
  • RSViewSE, RSView32, RSViewME, Panelbuilder32, PanelView Component


  • Wonderware


  • AC500, AC500 eco
  • Procontic


  • GX Developer
  • Medoc


  • Step7, MicroWin
  • Procidia


  • Experion PKS, Control Builder


  • Toolbox32


  • Visilogic, U90 Ladder


  • CX-One Software Suite

Beijer Touchscreens

  • iX Developer

Emerson Delta V

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